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Cloud SD-WAN

Distributed network IT
infrastructure organization

5 minutes

connecting new branches to the corporate network

by 50%

reducing the communication channel cost

2 times

reduction of expenses on IT infrastructure of the branch network


Operating cost reduction

Data transmission channel cost reduction Data transmission channel cost reduction
Cost optimization by aggregating connections — IP MPLS, Internet, 3G, 4G, LTE, and flexible load distribution between the main and backup channels during downtime
Remote connection of branches Remote connection of branches
Branch connection without travel expenses using Zero-Touch Provisioning mechanism. Any changes are immediately implemented in the whole network
Cheaper than common routers Cheaper than common routers
Savings on routers that are included in SD-WAN Edge as a rent part

User-friendly configuration and control

Centralized administration

Centralized administration

Control portal is used for centralized administration of both 10 and 10,000 end devices

Additional <br> services activation

services activation

Cloud SD-WAN makes it possible to connect additional security services just by deploying them as a virtual machine

Automatic <br> monitoring


Cloud SD-WAN redirects packages via another channel without interrupting the session in case of decreasing data transmission quality on any of the available communication channels

Built-in security functions

Built-in security functions

Cloud SD-WAN security services ensure network segmentation, intelligent recognition of application traffic, and selected streams redirection. A built-in firewall with an opportunity to connect partner VNF

Fault detection time reduction

Fault detection time reduction

DMPO technology in Cloud SD-WAN constantly monitors key parameters of the communication channel state, providing a high availability level even for business-critical services

How it works

Getting ready
The administrator adds a new SD-WAN device to the user's account, generates an activation key, and sends it to the person responsible for installation
The SD-WAN device arrives at the place of subsequent installation, the employee turns on the equipment and connects communication channels
The employee connects via WLAN/LAN, clicks on the link, and activates the device

Solution components



Hard or virtual device with security functions
SD-WAN Gateway

SD-WAN Gateway

Optimizes routes for all branches and applications
SD-WAN Orchestrator

SD-WAN Orchestrator

Centralized network control, monitoring, and diagnostics system
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Personal account — a common control point

  • Control over a distributed network with an unlimited number of devices.
  • Connection of new branches.
  • Problem solutions by one specialist.
  • Control over speed and channel load.
  • Maintenance of remote offices' network.
  • Security mechanisms in network infrastructure.
  • Managing equipment parameters, channels, and network settings.

Why MTS Cloud

Pay-as-you-go rates
Equipment as a service part
Reliable infrastructure in 14 DPCs across Russia

Free 30 days testing

Will connect up to two branches for testing for 45 days
Test application
Test application
Testing application

Service Manager

Ekaterina Kannunikova
Ekaterina Kannunikova

MTS Cloud Network Service Division Manager. Over 11 years in IT.

Specializes in data transmission services and network virtualization products. Responsible for network products implementation and development in MTS cloud..

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