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S3 Object Storage

Universal storage service with 99.9999999% SLA and maximum compatibility with Amazon S3 API

S3 Object Storage

The amount of data used by businesses is growing steadily. However, file and block solutions do not always meet corporate requirements in terms of versatility, flexibility, and scalability. S3 object storage provides reliable and inexpensive storage of files of any size and format, as well as shared access to data over the Internet.


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Advantages of S3 Storage

S3 object storage makes it possible to safely store and share almost unlimited amount of data. Reduce the cost of storing corporate data and offload existing resources by enabling the #CloudMTS service.

Data storage with reliability level 99.999999999%
Automatic unlimited scalability
Zero investment cost
Versioning support
Pay only for the allocated storage space
Distributed data storage and replication

Tasks cloud storage solves

01Storage for backups (without online access)
02Placement of static site content and multimedia files
03Big Data in the cloud
04Applications backend location
05Static site hosting
06File storage
07Storage of EDI data
08Long-term storage of logs

Is your task not in the list? Consult our experts and find out if S3 object storage in the cloud is suitable for you.

S3 object storage architecture

The Dell ECS solution is used to implement S3 object storage. Customers can place data in a regular cluster or in a geo-distributed S3 object storage based on two #CloudMTS data centers

Балансировщик нагрузки

Резервное хранилище

Дата центр №1

Активное хранилище

Дата центр №2
Pay only for the allocated S3 Storage volume
No charging traffic and transactions when working with object storage
SLA 99,95% for normal and 99,982% for geo-distributed cluster

Test access

Submit a request and get test access to the # CloudMTS S3 object storage for 14 days. The maximum amount of storage available for testing is 100 GB

Get test access

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