Disaster recovery

A cloud service for backing up and restoring IT infrastructure in the provider's cloud after an accident in the Data Center or a failure in the client’s IT infrastructure. The service ensures continuous operation of business systems, reduces risks of business downtime and loss of corporate data.
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Technical characteristics
  • The service is based on VMware vCloud Availability 3.0 software solution. Suitable for customers with their own virtual infrastructure based on VMware.
  • Several segments of Elastic Cloud computing resources characterized by processors with different performance.
  • Built-in TLS v1.2 encryption and compression of traffic replication during transmission over the Internet, secure tunneling through TCP proxies between platforms.
  • Option of full or partial (separate virtual machines) site recovery in the event of an accident.


Simplicity and convenience

  • Ability to customize RTO * and RPO** in accordance with internal corporate policies and customer requirements
  • Replication and disaster recovery management with vCloud Director web panel
  • Assistance from Professional&Managed services team with resources planning and organization of a step-by-step plan for infrastructure recovery after an accident


  • Fair pricing and “pay as you go” policy (you pay only for resources that were used)
  • Save on Disaster recovery backup site organization – no software licenses and hardware required

Reliability and Warranties

  • The solution is based on the resilient Elastic Cloud infrastructure implemented on the basis of virtualization from VMware world leader
  • Guaranteed recovery time of IT infrastructure performance
  • SLA – 99.95% with financial responsibility

*Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the backup register, the maximum period of time for which data may be lost as a result of an incident

** Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is recovery time or period of time during which the system may remain unavailable in the event of an accident


Use cases

Client’s Virtual infrastructure is used as the main site and #CloudMTS infrastructure as the backup site
#CloudMTS geographically distributed data centers (located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok) are used as main and backup sites
?Is there a free trial period?
?What are the requirements for client’s infrastructure for service operation?
?What is the minimum data traffic capacity between the primary and backup sites to ensure VM replication?