Professional & Managed Services

Professional & Managed Services option allows companies to get the support from #CloudMTS that has years of experience and vast knowledge in cloud computing services sphere. Transfer your tasks connected with IT infrastructure to #CloudMTS team and focus on your core business. No need to worry – high quality service is a must for us.
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Key Features

  • A team of certified experts: engineers and architects
  • Standard IT architecture or custom solution development
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Data center management and network management: plan, develop, implement, operate, monitor and support networks
  • IT infrastructure monitoring, automatic alerts and any type of reporting

Our services

Cloud PRO

Audit your current infrastructure, refine solution architecture within the framework of a standard or hybrid cloud model and perform easy migration to #CloudMTS cloud with no to minimal interruption of applications and services operation. All together with our #CloudMTS experts.

Cloud OS Managed

Transfer routine administration processes connected to your IT infrastructure to #CloudMTS team. The service involves OS maintenance (Windows, Linux) at the platform level, as well as installment, configuration, and basic support of services and applications

Microsoft Managed

Get Microsoft-based solution services. Microsoft is a complete technology market leader. #CloudMTS specialists will help to develop and implement a solution for your business within the framework of #CloudMTS cloud based on Microsoft solutions

Cloud Managed

Transfer management of your infrastructure in the cloud to #CloudMTS specialists: creation and configuration of virtual machines, development and configuration of network interactions, development of backup and monitoring schemes for your infrastructure in #CloudMTS cloud, according to best practices and based on the tasks and requirements of your business


Save time and money

  • Reduced hardware costs. You do not need to maintain a physical server infrastructure
  • Your IT professionals can focus on strategic tasks, we take care of the rest
  • Your IT infrastructure can be easily scaled. Whenever your company grows, we will easily organize the expansion of your infrastructure.

Quality of service

  • Quality and availability of your IT infrastructure are a must for us. We use the best practices of deployment and support of systems, considering all the recommendations of software development companies
  • Prompt problem solving

Our current clients


Select the Tariff
Cloud Managed Customer organization service in cloud
Cloud VM Virtual Machines maintenance
Deploy a virtual machine from a Template
Deploy a virtual machine based on Client's requirements
Modify Virtual machine characteristics
Cloud Backup Maintenance of Backup framework in #CloudMTS cloud
Capacity assessment for backup
Create a backup task
Modify backup task
Create a Backup map
Restore a VM from backup
Restore files from backup
Restore software components from backup
Test recovery of VM, files and software components
OS Managed
Customer organization service in cloud
Cloud OS based basic OS maintenance in #CloudMTS cloud
Install OS on a virtual machine from a Template repository
Install OS on a virtual machine based on Client's requirements
Install latest OS updates
Configure OS remote management components
Cloud OS Apps basic software installation and setup
Basic software installation on a virtual machine
Basic software configuration
Resolve issues and incidents connected with software
Cloud OS Network networking stack maintenance inside the OS
Virtual machine with OS network configuration
Basic OS network components configuration
Additional network rules configuration
Cloud Monitoring maintenance of OS monitoring systems and services within #CloudMTS
Install monitoring system from a Template
Install monitoring system based on Client's requirements
Configure basic monitoring metrics
Custom monitoring metrics setup
Software and services performance monitoring
P&M support reaction to monitoring system alerts
Cloud PRO
professional services
Cloud PRO Audit Client's IT infrastructure audit
Architecture audit
Virtualization system audit
Network architecture audit
Monitoring system audit
Cloud PRO Migration client's infrastructure migration into #CloudMTS cloud
Create solution architecture in #CloudMTS cloud
Migration plan development
Migration in accordance with migration plan
Infrastructure optimization after migration
Resolve issues connected with software, services and OS
Cloud DRaaS disaster recovery plan development for client's infrastructure in #CloudMTS cloud
Solution architecture development
Disaster recovery plan development
Test disaster recovery switchover
Client support during service use
Microsoft Managed
Microsoft Cloud Solutions
Cloud PRO Audit Client's IT infrastructure audit
Active Directory core installation
Active Directory components configuration
SCCM core installation
SCCM basic components configuration
SCCM components configuration
Exchange core installation
Exchange components configuration
Skype core installation
Skype components configuration
Powershell scripts writing
Powershell scripts writing
Identity Manager core installation
Identity Manager components configuration
Sharepoint core installation
Sharepoint components configuration
SQL core installation
SQL components configuration
RDS core installation
RDS components configuration
Microsoft standard solutions installation
Microsoft solutions setup
Support mode24/724/724/7
Number of requests per monthup to 10 requestsup to 20 requestsup to 100 requests
Number of requestersone lead contact
Dedicated Service Manager
Communication viaemail and SD portalemail, phone and SD portalemail, chat, phone and SD portal
Reaction time4 hours2 hours30 minutes
Monthly pricing *Service price per month indicated in RUR excl. VAT
from 30 000 RUR
from 80 000 RUR
from 150 000 RUR
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?How will the reliability and resiliency of the infrastructure be ensured?
?I have a non-standard vision of the IT architecture of my organization. What should I do?
?Our company already has a functioning infrastructure and we want to implement it in the cloud. Is it possible?