Containerum Kubernetes Service (CKS)
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Containerum Kubernetes
Service (CKS)

Service for managing Kubernetes clusters in


Deploying the K8s cluster in just a few minutes


VMware solutions-based virtualization and NSX-T network

Flexibility and quick

Automation solutions flexibly change in response to customer needs


What tasks does the service solve

Microservice architecture implementation
Use a container approach for loosely coupled small applications
Fast scaling
Develop applications that automatically scale to the required load
Increasing development speed
Accelerate application testing and marketing by deploying infrastructure quickly
Application migration
Containerize applications and migrate to #CloudMTS without code refactoring and additional tools
Deploy the GitLab or GitLab Runners key components in CKS

Comparison of service functions

Containerum Kubernetes Service Independent K8s installation
Infrastructure deployment and configuration Virtual machines deployment, required components installation, network configuration, and K8s cluster launch take a few minutes and need one button click You need to deploy virtual machines by yourself, install an OS, Container Runtime and K8s components, configure network connectivity. Adding or reducing capacity requires additional work with virtual machines
Control Plane cluster availability Ensuring the Control Plane availability is on the provider's side You need to configure and maintain the cluster Control Plane by yourself to ensure the required availability level
Infrastructure availability The data centers reliability and infrastructure maintenance is ensured by the provider You need to maintain the entire network infrastructure by yourself
Support The provider's technical team ensures support, reliability, and security of the service You need a dedicated team to support and maintain the service
Comparison of service functions

Technical features

Convenient control
Thanks to node groups, it is easier and more convenient to control the cluster
Nginx Ingress Controller
Integrated Nginx Ingress Controller provides access to an application in the cluster from the outside using Ingress manifests
Reduced response time
Cloud network load balancer distributes the load on applications evenly, reducing response time and preventing application overload
Built-in monitoring
You can deploy Prometheus and Grafana-based monitoring for services and clusters in a few clicks
Persistent Volumes
Make it possible to run statefull applications in K8s clusters
Fail-safe Cluster
You can use 1 master node for development and testing or 3 master nodes for fail-safe production
Familiar tools for working with clusters
Connection to the cluster via kubectl, Lens, Helm and other K8s services
K8s' current versions
Supported versions 1.18, 1.19, 1.20, and 1.21
TLS encryption
All interactions between the master and the cluster nodes are encrypted using TLS protocol. You can create a private cluster that will be inaccessible from the Internet

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