Elastic Cloud

Easily scalable virtual IT infrastructure with great flexibility and  ease of management available to use as a  service.
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Price list
Technical characteristics
Several segments of computing resources:
  • Standard segment Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg – Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3 2,6 GHz Vladivostok – Xeon E5-2658 v4 2,3 GHz
  • Bronze segment Moscow – Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2,3 GHz
  • Silver segment Moscow – Intel Xeon Gold 6132 2,6 GHz
  • Gold segment Moscow – Intel Xeon Gold 6144 3,5 GHz
Various disk types
  • SSD, baseline performance 2 IOPS per 1 GB;
  • SAS – hybrid drive pool (NLSAS and SSD drives), reference performance 0.5 IOPS per 1 GB;
  • nonSSD, NLSAS disks using SSD cache, reference performance 0.1 IOPS per 1 GB.
Segments of computing resources:
  • Virtualization
    VMware vSphere 6.7 NSX 6.4.4<
  • Web hosting control panel
    vCloud Director 9.5
Virtual Networking
NSX functions allow you to independently make a variety of network settings: NAT, DHCP, Firewall, IPsecVPN, Load balancing, etc.
Range of additional services
Virtual machines backup, software services based on Microsoft software, USB port rental, Kaspersky Anti-virus security for virtual machines
Additional options
IPv6 - addresses provided by #CloudMTS in Moscow (segments: Silver, Bronze, Gold).
Fault tolerance
VMware vSphere features such as High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduler work seamlessly ensuring maximum availability of cloud infrastructure.



  • Reducing the cost of own infrastructure operation and maintainance
  • Transfer of capital costs to operating costs
  • Fair pricing and payment only for used resources

Simplicity and convenience

  • It is easy to start working with Elastic Cloud and it is just as easy to cancel services and migrate data
  • Access and use applications stored in cloud from anywhere in the world
  • Manage virtual machines and networks using a web panel or API

Reliability and guarantees

  • SLA on Elastic Cloud 99.95% with financial responsibility
  • A set of measures to ensure physical and information security that ensure integrity and security of data stored
  • Elastic Cloud is based on wide-area data centers



  • Resource
  • vCPU
  • vRAM
  • nonSSD
  • SAS
  • SSD
  • IPv4 address
  • Backup Virtual Machine
  • vBackup
  • Price
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • Quantity
  • Measure
  • pcs.
  • GB
  • GB
  • GB
  • GB
  • pcs.
  • pcs.
  • GB
  • COST
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB
  • 0 RUB




*Monthly price-per-unit service cost in rubles excluding VAT
*SAS disks are only available on the Data Center in Moscow

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