#CloudMTS Disk

Corporate service for organizing file storage and data exchange inside and outside the company.
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Price list
Technical characteristics

Additional options

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  • CloudMTS Disk is available for Vladivostok now. Clients from Far East region have now access to it.
  • Customization of solution for client
  • Flexible rates for clients (based on number of users and storage volume)
  • Possibility to add a dedicated VPN channel / IPSec
  • Individual installation for client

Service functionality

  • Free service trial for up to 14 days
  • Easy data transfer to contractors and partners
  • File processing without its transfer outside data center
  • Employee access to shared files within the corporate network
  • Access to current versions of files from any type of device: mobile, desktop
  • Failsafe solutions due to special data backup tools
  • Set permissions to control access to colleagues files
  • Customized backup files and folders setup
  • Ready-to-use package plans


For business:

  • Reliable data storage
  • Increased performance efficiency
  • Storage optimization
  • Unique corporate space

For clients:

  • Convenient and managable data transfer to counterparties
  • Information loss risk reduction
  • Simple & self-explanatory user interface
  • Document version control
  • Automatic updates, current data processing
  • Time reduction
  • Remote access to resourcess
  • Fast document search and filter settings
Calculator Disk #CloudMTS
ResourceCostNumber of usersStorage SizeCost, RUB/Month.
4 250 RUB
1 TB
300 RUB
100 GB
+1 user
130 RUB
Total with option
Total «package»
*Monthly price-per-unit service cost in rubles excluding VAT.
?Is it possible to differentiate access for folders and files on #CloudMTS Disk?
?Can non-company employees get access to download a specific file, for example, a product price list?
?Can #CloudMTS Disk be used to store backup database copies or video files from surveillance cameras?