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Cloud services
Virtual desktop
Advanced services for providing employees with secure remote access to powerful virtual desktops and corporate client resources from any device, from anywhere in the world.
Network services
We provide a set of solutions for building and optimizing network infrastructure. This will enable you to implement the required connectivity between different services with certain quality parameters  quickly and efficiently.
Data storage and backup
Reliable and stable with MTS Cloud. We provide storage of all data types and volumes. This will enable you to work with data and applications quickly and efficiently.
Equipment rent
Proprietary services that will help to improve  efficiency of your IT departments.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery in the provider's cloud
in case of IT infrastructure failure

5 min

infrastructure deployment

1 min

prompt resource boost

from 15 min

IT system disaster recovery

15 Tier



service availability


russian-speaking technical support


Use cases

MTS Cloud <br> as a backup platform

MTS Cloud
as a backup platform

MTS Cloud <br> as a backup platform

MTS Cloud
as a backup platform

Technical peculiarities

User-friendly interface User-friendly interface
VMware Cloud Director Availability-based service for clients with the virtual VMware infrastructure
Configuration to choose from Configuration to choose from
Disaster Recovery in the public cloud with on-demand processor performance
Test recovery Test recovery
Opportunity to perform a test recovery on the backup platform without replication breaks
Optimization and security Optimization and security
Built-in TLS encryption and traffic compression when transferred through the Internet
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Convenient management

Convenient management

Management of replication and disaster recovery to the cloud from VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.1 web dashboard

RTO and RPO on-demand configuration according to corporate policies and requirements

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Requires no equipment and license purchase for organizing a backup site by yourself

Pay-as-you-go and cost prediction

Reliability guaranteed

Reliability guaranteed

SLA — 99.95% with full financial responsibility

IT system performance restoration time from 15 minutes

Be sure in your IT infrastructure efficiency

Plan resources based on the current business requirements Plan resources based on the current business requirements
Organize a step-by-step disaster recovery plan to the cloud Organize a step-by-step disaster recovery plan to the cloud

Product owner

Elena Sinegubkina
Elena Sinegubkina

Responsible for the IaaS direction. Develops such services as Elastic cloud virtual infrastructure and disaster recovery in Disaster recovery cloud, as well as a multi-factor authentication service. Over 15 years of experience in the information and cloud technologies

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