An effective solution to counter all types of DDoS attacks that ensures ongoing business processes and uninterrupted operation of your critical online resources and infrastructure.
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Technical characteristics
  • A collector is used to detect various types of attacks. It interacts with border routers. The built-in traffic modeling system can quickly and accurately classify various traffic flows, properly analyze received packets and automatically generate various traffic reports with accurate statistics.
  • Illegitimate traffic сlearing system consists of several modules that operate at the same time and transmit information about traffic to a single management system. This allows you to effectively protect customers and reduce false firing.
  • Online account offers a wide range of network traffic reports that allow to easily monitor customer network performance



  • Service is implemented with use of hardware from world leaders in the field of protection and monitoring DDoS attacks
  • Ongoing experience in repelling attacks of large volume and intensity
  • Dedicated 24/7 support for defense from DDoS attacks

Reliability and guarantees

  • Failsafe Infrastructure of Cleaning Centers
  • Fee does not depend on strengh of attack and number of attacks
  • Average percentage of legitimate traffic loss is not more than 1%

Simplicity and convenience

  • Several stages of training allow to reduce the level of false alarms of the system


Protected resources go into permanent monitoring mode after system finishes "training"
Information about traffic profile of protected Resource is constantly analyzed by the collector
Traffic is redirected to Cleaning Center when an anomaly is detected
Legitimate traffic is sent to protected Resource after cleaning

Service provides

Сomprehensive solution for DDoS attacks prevention includes:

statistics accumulation and analysis
training and adaptive construction of a multidimensional model of traffic distribution for standard operating conditions of protected networks and network services
detection of DDoS attacks based on deviations and anomalies
blocking illegal traffic by dynamic filtering of network packets with automatic generation of DDoS attack signatures
?Is it possible to setup protection against DDoS-attacks if the protected infrastructure is located on another hosting?
?Is it possible to protect only part of Internet bandwidth allocated for our needs?
?Is it possible to activate the service only during an attack and then disconnect it?