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Cloud services
Virtual desktop
Advanced services for providing employees with secure remote access to powerful virtual desktops and corporate client resources from any device, from anywhere in the world.
Network services
We provide a set of solutions for building and optimizing network infrastructure. This will enable you to implement the required connectivity between different services with certain quality parameters  quickly and efficiently.
Data storage and backup
Reliable and stable with MTS Cloud. We provide storage of all data types and volumes. This will enable you to work with data and applications quickly and efficiently.
Equipment rent
Proprietary services that will help to improve  efficiency of your IT departments.

Migration to the cloud

Migration of certain services or the whole
IT infrastructure to MTS cloud

  • Audit IT infrastructure
  • Infrastructure design cloud-based
  • Testing and migration to the cloud
  • Improving the staff knowledge level

Inventory count and planning

Inventory count of existing IT infrastructure

Inventory count of existing IT infrastructure

We will conduct an inventory count of infrastructure and services, draw up recommendations on migration

Determining the service migration volume

Determining the service migration volume

We will develop mechanics of partial or full migration to the cloud

Migration roadmap development

Migration roadmap development

We will determine methodology and schedule for transferring systems to the cloud while maintaining the business processes continuity

Preparation and testing

Platform preparation for migration testing Platform preparation for migration testing
  • Providing infrastructure with the required resource amount
  • Providing migration tools
  • Network connectivity configuration
Test migration launch Test migration launch
  • Performing preliminary steps, including replication of a part of the main data without stopping the service
  • Final data replication and service transition according to the migration plan
  • Estimation of steps duration

Systems and data transfer to the cloud

Final replication and load transfer to the cloud Final replication and load transfer to the cloud
  • Virtual machines import
  • Migration of operating system files, applications and services
Network scheme changes Network scheme changes
  • BGP switching
  • DNS records updates
  • L2/L3 channels switching
  • VPN channels reconfiguration

Post-migration steps

Documents updates Documents updates
  • Services and platforms in productive operation
  • Network scheme
  • Guidelines for working with cloud services
  • DRP updates
Infrastructure optimization and development Infrastructure optimization and development
  • VM configuration adjustmnet based on actual resource consumption
  • Changes to the current solution architecture
  • Assistance in switching to new software versions
  • Implementing new elements in the IT infrastructure
Improving the staff knowledge level Improving the staff knowledge level
  • Cloud business services
  • Server hardware
  • Network equipment
  • Data storage systems
  • Virtualization platforms
  • Backup systems
1000+ Completed migrations
250+ ТB Of data migrated to the cloud in 2020
99,95% Service availability
15 Tier III DPCs in Russia and the CIS
4 countries Location to choose
24/7 Russian-speaking technical support

Division Manager

Evgeny Svidersky
Evgeny Svidersky

Responsible for the MTS cloud project division.

Implements the following complex projects: HaaS, Private Cloud, SAP Hosting, including consulting and project services. Over 10 years of experience in the cloud technologies.

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