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Cloud CDN

Fast static content delivery

Tasks that CDN solves

Increasing your position in search results

Fast content loading reduces the number of bounces and increases the site's position in search engine results

Ensuring resource availability

Content remains available on CDN servers even if there are problems on the source side

Increase the data transfer rate

The site opening speed may take less than one second

Cost reduction

Save computing resources of your own infrastructure by using CDN cache servers

Features of the MTS Cloud service

HTTP acceleration

Reducing the load on hosting, significantly speeding up the return of pages for search robots, and ensuring stable operation of the site with high traffic due to CDN caching

Support for various content publishing methods

HTTP Pull/Push, RTMP Push/Pull, FTP

Multimedia streaming

Continuous real-time broadcasting with a stable connection and high data quality

Flexibly manage the service

and pay for resources on demand
View CDN traffic statistics
Manage the service via the API
Pay-as-you-go pricing

Reliable distributed CDN infrastructure

In Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia

≥ 70 point of presence

≥ 650 cache servers

at 5 continents