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Cloud services
Virtual desktop
Advanced services for providing employees with secure remote access to powerful virtual desktops and corporate client resources from any device, from anywhere in the world.
Network services
We provide a set of solutions for building and optimizing network infrastructure. This will enable you to implement the required connectivity between different services with certain quality parameters  quickly and efficiently.
Data storage and backup
Reliable and stable with MTS Cloud. We provide storage of all data types and volumes. This will enable you to work with data and applications quickly and efficiently.
Equipment rent
Proprietary services that will help to improve  efficiency of your IT departments.

Cloud CDN

Prompt worldwide delivery
of static content

Data transmission

at maximum speeds

Up to

30 milliseconds

< 1 second

server response time


Use cases

Higher positions in search results Higher positions in search results

Prompt content loading reduces the number of rejections and increases the website position in search results

Higher resource availability Higher resource availability

The content remains available to customers at peak loads and even in case of problems on the source side

Higher site opening speed Higher site opening speed

Instant static web page opening — takes less than a second to load

Free trial

Technological effectiveness and flexibility



Better availability and higher loading speed for an online store

Relieving the server and website during sales

Website's higher ranking in search engines

Game content

Game content

Worldwide distribution of games and game content

Well-balanced load on game servers in case of increasing

Lower infrastructure support costs

Mass media

Mass media

Content availability during peak loads

Increasing the download speed of heavy content, such as videos

Distributed network for reliable and prompt content delivery

> 800

caching servers on 5 continents

> 5000

peer-to-peer partners

> 50 Tbps

total network capacity

> 70

points of presence

Flexible service management via a personal account



Relevant real-time statistics on traffic consumption

Relevant real-time statistics on traffic consumption

Service management via the convenient and intuitive API

Service management via the convenient and intuitive API

Service customization on request

Service customization on request

24/7 technical support

24/7 technical support

Get a consultation

How it works

CDN servers reserve each other, and if any accidents occur, traffic is automatically directed to other network servers

Based on CDN, data is encrypted during transmission, thus providing a security high level (HTTP/2, SSL)

CDN cache servers reduce load on your IT infrastructure, protecting servers from overload

CDN supports popular content posting methods — HTTP Pull/Push, RTMP Push/Pull, FTP

Division Manager

Ekaterina Kannunikova
Ekaterina Kannunikova

MTS Cloud Network Service Division Manager. Over 11 years in IT.

Specializes in data transmission services and network virtualization products. Responsible for network products implementation and development in MTS cloud..

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