VM antivirus

Protection of virtual workstations and servers from malware.
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Technical characteristics
  • Flexible control tools allow to manage security preferences based on a wide range of settings including setup for a specific port, individual IP address or network activity of an application
  • The solution includes Kaspersky Security Center. This is a management interface that allows you to configure and monitor a wide range of security technologies and system administration
  • Intellectual task prioritization in SVM
  • The solution helps eliminate situations of "heavy" security software updates and system checks. Peaks in resource consumption are smoothed out by intelligently organized verification tasks


Simplicity and convenience

  • Solution created specifically for virtual environments. Supports Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Reduced load on each virtual host due to unique solution architecture

Reliability and guarantees

  • Allows to manage security of multiple virtual machines from a single console
  • Solution combines the latest anti-malware and network protection technologies
  • Service is built on a specialized solution for virtual infrastructures using advanced Kaspersky Lab anti-malware technologies


Service provides:

Virtual machines are secured from malware both on access and on demand.
Support vector machine (SVM) performs signature and euristic analysis that provides file system safety on virtual machines including safety from complex resident malware
Protects against external and internal network attacks including threats that may be hidden in opaque traffic
Each virtual machine is protected by Kaspersky Lab network security technologies placed on the host. It also includes an intrusion prevention system, firewall and protection against network attacks
" Helps ensure compliance with legislation and normative regulations"
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