Защита от DDoS-атак
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Protection against
DDoS attacks

Round-the-clock resource monitoring and protection based
on the distributed traffic filtering platform

  • without equipment
  • repelling large-scale dos attacks
  • 24/7 support

For whom it is relevant

Retail, e-commerce
Banks, investment companies
Government organizations
Insurance companies
Other companies engaged in online business


The service is deployed on the industrial equipment provided by the world leaders in DDoS attack protection and monitoring
A few learning stages to minimize the false reaction level
The cost doesn't depend on the power and number of repelled attacks; no cleared traffic fee
Fail-safe infrastructure of cleaning centers

Anti-DDoS protection functions

Statistics accumulation and analysis
Abnormality-based DDoS attack recognition
Adaptive development of a traffic distribution model for regular operation of the protected networks and services
Blocking illegitimate traffic by dynamic filtering of network packages with automatic signature generation
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How it works

Automatically generates statistical reports
Collector collects data from edge routers
Traffic modeling system classifies a variety of flows and received packages
Modular traffic cleaning system transmits information to the unified control system


After the System Learning Period, the protected resources switch to 24/7 monitoring mode
Traffic profile information is analyzed by the collector on a regular basis
When an abnormity is detected, the traffic is redirected to the Cleaning Center and only then to the resource under protection.
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