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11 December 2019

Businesses from Primorye are not Afraid of Clouds

Tax rates growth and the decline of the purchasing power stimulates businesses to find new opportunities for survival and development. Modern technologies are something that can assist companies in this endless race. We have talked to Alexandr Alexandrov, the head of sales development at #CloudMTS (MTS group) in the Primorye region about the advantages of cloud services and market trends in the region.

Tax rates growth and the decline of the purchasing power stimulates businesses to find new opportunities for survival and development. Modern technologies are something that can assist companies in this endless race. We have talked to Alexandr Alexandrov, the head of sales development at #CloudMTS (MTS group) in the Primorye region about the advantages of cloud services and market trends in the region.

— Alexandr, how would you evaluate the development of the cloud solutions market in the Primorye region?

— Far East of Russia and Primorye, in particular, is one of the most active users of cloud-based services in Russia. The numbers look impressing: the amount of stored and process data on #CloudMTS has grown three times this past year. We can ascertain the fact that companies from Primorye do not fear to place their accounting systems and everything else that they use in doing their business, in cloud-based storage.

— It is not a secret that the region is quite unique geographically, historically, and economically. Do regional features affect the development of cloud-based solutions and the user profile?

— Primorye is truly located far away from the West and Central Russia. Nevertheless, it is strategically a very important region for the country. Neighboring with the most developed countries in the world, its population is rather mobile and does have larger incomes. It, of course, positively affects the innovation implementation process. Many of the pilot projects and innovative solutions are tested in Primorye. Moreover, here in Vladivostok, you may find one of the ten MTS data centers which is a large competitive advantage as for any company its best to be closer to the consumer. The location of the data center in our region helps us to be closer to our clients not being restricted by time zones and online data transferring.

— What types of companies would you call your typical clients in Primorye?

— If to speak about the consumption specificities of cloud-based services by certain industries, there are more popular among retailers, catering services, and the service sector. Thus, around 50% of all #CloudMTS clients are retailers, around 30% are in the service sector, 15% are industrial enterprises, and 5% are media holdings.

— Which technologies are in demand?

— I will provide some examples from our experience. There is a popular coffee chain called Coffee Machine which is rapidly developing and is in need of systematization and storage of data. They turned to us, located their databases and online client portals in clouds to increase the accessibility of data and raise the speed of their work.

One of the interesting cases in retail is a group of companies called Nevada Group. The management of one of the largest retailers in the Far East was determined to establishing uninterrupted processing of the IT-infrastructure for their supermarkets and online stores which was almost impossible to achieve without external support. They have contacted #CloudMTS and were very glad after our conversation. They are currently our loyal partners. The key factor of the company’s development is its time zone. Nevada works with suppliers from Moscow, therefore, there is a strong need for an uninterrupted work process which is exactly what we provide for them. 

“Cloud-based businesses” are also run by scientific organizations and media. Not that long ago a small research team of 15 employees has shifted their IT-infrastructure into cloud-based services and reduced its costs for staff and rent. There was a large media holding PrimaMedia which has been using #CloudMTS for over a year now. All of its 11 news websites are very popular in the region and now “live” in the cloud.

— What are the advantages of cloud-based solutions? How do they benefit the business?

— First of all, it is saving your money. Cloud as a form of optimization of expenses can help you not only save but take away part of the financial burden. Switching to a cloud allows you to transfer capital expenditures into running costs, and that can lower your IT spending by up to 30% monthly.

Also, there are some technical aspects. Not always a company can ensure a proper level of security of its servers. We have to understand, that compared to the in-house storage services, the provider’s infrastructure is a solid well-functioning mechanism that will not collapse unexpectedly. Your access to it is continuous even in the unforeseen events.

And, of course, data security. We have our own data centers that are constructed within the highest requirements of the global standard. Data stored in the cloud can only be accessed by our clients and cannot suddenly appear in the hands of third parties. Even for us, the only available data is the information that our clients decide to disclose to us. Our main task is to assist the company and isolate information to prevent leakage.

Overall, clouds are a way to go if you want to sacrifice less in terms of time, money, and nerves. Your business will not have to research the features of the processes, going to #CloudMTS is all you have to do. Our teams expand client’s opportunities using years of experience. Today we can proudly say that not only we are capable of executing any incoming request but we are ready to convince anyone in the importance of cloud-based solutions.

— Companies of which size need cloud-based solutions the most?

— The size of the company is absolutely not important whether that would be 5000 employees or just 5 — everyone needs cloud-based solutions. Everything depends on the goals of the business: smaller organizations usually look for simple data storage which is often used by smaller companies, while medium and large enterprises that pilot their projects want to create a system of personal accounts, loyalty programs that would be stored in the cloud. I have to highlight the fact that the decision to outsource data storage is up to each business, it is like buying an insurance package. Not everyone insures their property or health, some prefer to hope for the best, but they all usually end up making the right decision.


MTS provides cloud-based services under the name #CloudMTS having its own data centers which are located in Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Kaliningrad. The established architecture along with the Vmware solution ensures uninterrupted work and increased fault tolerance. The provider uses services like Elastic Cloud, backup and cloud data storage, storing and exchanging of the corporate information, a dedicated segment for working with personal information. Moreover, on the basis of #CloudMTS Russian companies were able to use Microsoft Azure Stack (18+) products. The results of 2018 show that the provider’s revenue from cloud-based storage is three times larger than in the previous year. The amount of stored and processed data is 7 times larger accordingly.

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