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#CloudMTS website Case study

General description
Industry: IT company
Company Name: #CloudMTS
Project objective: Cloudify https://cloud.mts.ru
Solution: own #CloudMTS cloud platform

This case shows what are the expenditures on migration and protection of a website infrastructure when placed on cloud provider’s stage. While we were designing and coding the website, and simultaneously transferring everything to the contractor’s test environment, we realized that everything needed to be transferred to our existing #CloudMTS cloud, as there are many advantages: security, quick response of technical support when incidents are detected, and further easy maintenance.

As part of the case we:

  • Created a virtual infrastructure, for a productive site, based on Elastic Cloud environment with following configurations: 6 vCPU, 8 GB vRAM, 900 GB nonSSD, 200 GB SSD, VMware virtualization environment, CentOS Linux 7 operating system, Internet access 100 Mbps.
    The cost of this configuration is 13 920 RUR*.
  • Created a virtual infrastructure, for the development environment, based on Elastic Cloud with following configurations: 4 vCPU, 8 GB vRAM, 900 GB nonSSD, 200 GB SSD, VMware virtualization environment, CentOS Linux 7 operating system, Internet access 100 Mbps.
    Cost of such configuration is 13 160 RUR*.
    Virtual infrastructure for test and production environments costs 27 080 RUR *.
  • Automatic, daily backups based on Veeam solution for both environments are performed to increase reliability of this realization. Once a week, a full backup is carried out, and incremental copies are made every day. Storage depth is 14 days.
    One should not exclude human errors, as this one of the most frequent reasons why data loss occurs, even if hardware and software work smoothly. We are constantly updating and tuning our site for flawless backup connection. Solution cost for this case is 12 900 RUR*.
  • #CloudMTS website resources are protected from DDoS attacks, monitoring is performed in real time. As we are cloud provider ourselves, we know how often public sites are subjected to DDoS attacks and how important it is to have a good firewall.
    The entire technological and client IT infrastructure of #CloudMTS cloud is under round-the- clock protection from DDoS attacks, and systematic vulnerability monitoring is performed constantly, so we can rely on information security of our site resources.
    The cost of protection against DDoS attacks is 100 RUR per 1 Mb/s, subtotal for our website maintenance is 10 000 RUR*.
  • Disaster Recovery. We have set replication of production and development environments to another cloud platform in St. Petersburg. This scheme supports the backup in case of complete inaccessibility of the main site and allows in a short time (10-15 minutes) to switch the site to a backup site.
    Cost of solution is 21 000 RUR*.
  • Cost of security measures and provision of smooth, uninterrupted site performance is 43 900 RUR *.

    As a result, the total cost of cloudifying a website and protecting will cost you 70 980 RUR*.

    *All prices indicated per month and excluding VAT

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