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Company information

IT-GRAD is the largest cloud provider in Russia according to CNews Analytics. Cloud services are provided on the basis of own hardware, located in TIER III level data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Almaty (Kazakhstan). In addition to basic services (virtual data centers, hybrid clouds and backuping), corporate clients can rent a virtual storage system NetApp, create virtual data centers for placement of certified systems according to PCI DSS standard, store and process personal data in accordance with legal requirements. And use a number of popular SaaS, PaaS and DaaS services. In January 2019, IT-GRAD becomes part of MTS group of companies that provide cloud services under the brand name of #CloudМТS.

Company History


Launch of corporate IaaS cloud, receives status of first in Russia VMware service provider


Implements NetApp data storage, takes service quality to the next level


Sets up new activity area: delivery and maintenance of NetApp storage systems, server and network hardware


Becomes an authorized NetApp support partner


Receives Microsoft and Palo Alto gold partner status


Takes IaaS provisioning to the next level – launches IT-GRAD Cloud 2.0.


Becomes first NetApp service provider in Russia and CIS


Opens a representative office in Kazakhstan


Launches cloud platform in Kazakhstan


Receives ISO/IEC 20000, ISO 9001:2015 certificate of compliance


Divides business areas: sells cloud assets to MTS. Integrator business is being developed under ITGLOBAL.COM brand


In January 2019, IT-GRAD becomes part of MTS group of companies that provide cloud services under the brand name of #CloudМТS.

Up to date service package

Main business area of "IT-GRAD" company includes provision of cloud services with its own hardware to corporate sector. Hardware is located in super-reliable top level data centers. Supplier offers the following list of services:

Virtual infrastructure Virtual infrastructure

Flexible solution for creating your own set of virtual servers (virtual data center)

IaaS, SaaS, PaaS IaaS, SaaS, PaaS

We provide safe and reliable storage for data of any type and amount with #CloudMTS.

PCI DSS hosting PCI DSS hosting

Secure virtual infrastructure that meets the requirements of PCI DSS standard

Data backup Data backup

Critical data backup (files, databases, operating system configurations) to providers' computing cloud

Cloud Federal Law-152 Cloud Federal Law-152

Rent of virtual infrastructure that meets the requirements of Federal Law-152

SAP-hosting SAP-hosting

Infrastructure meets the requirements for efficient operation of high-load SAP applications


Backup platform for disaster recovery of client infrastructure in public cloud

Rent-a-permit option Rent-a-permit option

Option to rent-a-permit of Microsoft SPLA, 1C, forwarding USB hardware keys

IT outsourcing IT outsourcing

Providing a wide range of services from design and implementation to professional support of applications and services
At the end of 2018, IT-GRAD sells its cloud business, the largest supplier of IaaS in Russia, to MTS, the largest Russian telecommunications operator and provider of digital services. On the cloud market, MTS is represented by #CloudMTS provider. With whom IT-GRAD cloud assets are gradually integrated.