?Who can order #CloudMTS cloud services?
?My company is already an MTS client. How can I order #CloudMTS cloud services?
?My company is not an MTS client. How can I order #CloudMTS cloud services?
?Is there an option to get trial access to any #CloudMTS cloud service?
?There is no service I am interested in. What should I do?
Elastic Cloud
?Can I purchase a virtual dedicated server (VDS) in #CloudMTS?
?How to connect to Elastic Cloud externally?
?Is it possible to manage Elastic Cloud resources indepently? For example, create virtual machines, configure networks, manage routing, etc.?
?If there is a necessity to implement Disaster recovery plan, is it possible to distribute parts of IT service hosted in Elastic Cloud between two geographically separated platforms?
?Is it possible to migrate to Elastic Cloud from hypervisor MS Hyper-V, XenServer?
Data backup
? How is backup process managed in case of backup of physical servers and workstations outside #CloudМТS?
?Is it possible to use Instant VM Recovery model?
?What encryption is used when transferring data over the web?
?Are backups superimposed on each other or stored separately from each other?
?How is repository for storing backups protected at physical and application levels?
Corporate mail
?Can #CloudMTS provide a domain name for creating corporate email?
?How can I access #CloudMTS corporate mail service?*
?Is there a backup service for corporate mail service? If so, how to access the backups and how often are they created?
Managed Firewall and IDS/IPS
?What functionality is the client responsible for when purchasing and using the service?
?Can I use Internet access from another provider?
?Where is Firewall located?
Affiliate program
?How to join our affiliate program and get more information?
?Who can become a partner?
?Do you provide technical support to partners?
?Are there any additional participation fees required for joining the program?
?Who can order data center services?
? In addition to hardware installment we want to place technical staff in data center building. Is it possible?
?I have a specifical technical task. What should I do?
?My company is not an MTS client. How can I order data center services?
?My company is an MTS client. How can I order data center services?
Backup based on Acronis solution
?On the basis of which product solution runs the service?
?Prices for physical server backup and workstation backup differ significantly. What is the functional distinction between these options?
?How is the backup process managed?
?Backup policies are fixed or can be managed?
?Is #CloudMTS responsible for technical support of Acronis Agent on client’s platform?
?What is the difference between using an agent on hypervisor level and on Guest OS for Virtual Machines backup?
?When is it reasonable to use an agent running on Guest OS for Virtual Machines backup?
?Is it possible to minimize the use of physical equipment with Acronis solution?
?Can Acronis minimize dependency on virtualization?
?Why make backups using a cloud service and spend money on it when one can create snapshots built into hypervisors (snapshots in VMware and checkpoints in Hyper-V)?
?Is it possible to do a quick recovery (about 1-2 minutes) when deploying a backup to a virtual machine without waiting for the recovery to complete with Acronis?
?How is a created backup secured if it is a cloud-based storage?
?How is the store secured in terms of fault tolerance and arbitrariness?
?How is the store protected?
?How secure is the self-service portal in terms of fault tolerance and randomness?
?How is the Self-Service portal secured?
?Can clients access backup storage and download data directly from store?
?Can I maintain security copies only at my location and without using cloud-based storage but use all features of the Self-Service portal?
DDoS Firewall
?Is it possible to activate the service only during an attack and then disconnect it?
?Is it possible to protect only part of Internet bandwidth allocated for our needs?
?Is it possible to setup protection against DDoS-attacks if the protected infrastructure is located on another hosting?
Disaster recovery
?Is there a free trial period?
?What are the requirements for client’s infrastructure for service operation?
?What is the minimum data traffic capacity between the primary and backup sites to ensure VM replication?
GPU SuperComputer
?Which CUDA versions are supported?
Managed Service
?What is included in the Managed services option?
?How will the reliability and resiliency of the infrastructure be ensured?
?I have a non-standard vision of the IT architecture of my organization. What should I do?
?Our company already has a functioning infrastructure and we want to implement it in the cloud. Is it possible?
Reseller program
?All #CloudMTS services are available in reseller program?
?What is the suggested retail service price?
?Is there an option to allocate a personal manager for non-standard deals?
?What are the advantages of cloud WAF?
?Is it possible to order the WAF service from you and keep the website hosting separately on another server or infrastructure that is convenient for us?
?Does WAF service protect against DDoS attacks?
?Can I order WAF service if our infrastructure is located in #CloudMTS IaaS Federal Law-152 segment?
?What is Azure App Services plan?
?Does Azure have common work roles or role-based access?
?Is it possible to differentiate access for folders and files on #CloudMTS Disk?
?Can non-company employees get access to download a specific file, for example, a product price list?
?Can #CloudMTS Disk be used to store backup database copies or video files from surveillance cameras?