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Moscow business now compute 100 times faster

10 Aug 2021743

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Nowadays, the demand for high-speed computing is being formed by medium- and large-scale companies in Moscow, which are widely introducing advanced digital technologies to accelerate project implementation and increase business process efficiency. In most cases, a cloud supercomputer is used by IT companies that develop software products using advanced technologies, but this computing tool is gradually becoming in demand in other industries.

Unlike last year, when IT companies accounted for 90% of the service's users, in 2021 their share dropped to 75% due to the growing interest in ultra-fast computing from research companies and manufacturing holdings. Today, large industrial and commercial enterprises of the Moscow region account for 10% of the supercomputer computing power each, with medical and insurance companies accounting for the remaining 5%.

What tasks does Moscow business solve today using a supercomputer

Most often, businesses use a supercomputer to solve the following tasks:

  • 40% – development of speech recognition and computer vision technology-based intelligent services based (voice assistants and robots)
  • 20% – solving computer graphics and 3D design-related tasks
  • 15% – digital platforms development that optimize the enterprises' transport and equipment maintenance costs by predicting events
  • 10% – fast video processing within the video analytics system
  • 8% – insurance solutions development using predictive analysis
  • 7% – control of access to the "clean" zones and patient flow distribution, computed tomography and dental images recognition and analysis

Losing time while implementing a technological solution means losing leadership, customers, and reputation. A cloud supercomputer, which computes 100 times faster than a common processor and that you can rent for a project with significant savings, can help companies from a variety of industries from aerospace manufacturing to new drugs developers. We provided the Russian business with an opportunity to use a cloud supercomputer back in 2019 and are pleased that businesses are increasingly using the service by #CloudMTS provider and manages to use it to implement their complex intellectual projects in the shortest possible time, comments Stanislav Obidin, the Division Manager of ML and AI services of MTS cloud business.

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